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Tuhan tidak gila, Tami

August 4, 2008

Recalling my first acquaintanceship with Ibu Wismi a few years back…

Pertama kali ketemu Ibu Wismi, hampir 5 tahun yang lalu, di ESQ Training.

I was “looking for something” back then, kinda shivered alone for I didn’t think that I got what I wanted there.

Di aula itu, aku cuma terdiam sendiri, ditemani hanya secangkir kopi, tergugu. Yep, i was sneaking out of the training. Read the rest of this entry ?


Catches another December

August 4, 2008

Opening my notebook the other day, then I found my writing below,…

How time flies that it’s just another December to come,…

There’re still too many things to catch, stuffs to do,…

There’s still time anywae…Good luck Tami! Read the rest of this entry ?